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As we know, the key to a brighter future is through education!

Students who continue to struggle academically fall further behind year after year, continue to lose self esteem and self confidence, and may eventually give up altogether. Without being able to complete a two year, four year or post graduate degree program, students limit their future choices and chances for success.

Students who experience learning challenges at all academic levels can benefit from private tutoring services where they can also receive help with homework. Since most students have a strong desire to succeed, and are just not sure how to do it on their own, Student Tutors can help them by sharing their skills and experiences working together.  Many students need additional support to help them master the required subject material, and to help them to stay on track with their entire course requirements. 

Student tutors relate well to students through their shared academic, cultural, and social experiences, and it is through these “connections” that student tutors build trust and confidence with students seeking their tutoring services to be able to help them succeed.  Student Tutors also share their practical experiences, and professors’ and teachers’ expectations from having taken specific courses previously.

Many parents believe that it is better to hire a professional tutor to work with their daughter/ son for tutoring or help with homework, and in some cases this may be the best approach. Many times, however, parents have found that their daughters and sons relate so well to student tutors, that they see their children develop increased motivation, enthusiasm and a heightened desire to succeed. 

It is important for parents and students to know the right questions to ask when interviewing student tutors so that they can select tutors who can work well together with them. It is also important to ensure that ongoing feedback is encouraged and exchanged among parents, students, and student tutors!

If you are a student who excels academically, you can share your skills and academic success to make a difference in students’ lives, while you build your resume, and earn money! Student Tutors- Advertise your tutoring services on our Students Connecting “Classifieds” and on our Members Only Shout Out Board in addition to sharing your profiles with prospective students and parents.