Milk and Cookies Go Together like...Milk and Cookies

Ah, the perfect combo, a delicious cookie and a tall glass of milk. Have you ever wondered why the two go together so well? It turns out the answer is quite a bit more scientific than you might think.


When you eat a cookie or something that contains a lot of sugar, like ice cream, you may have noticed that as soon as you’re finished eating you get thirsty. This is due to the way sugar interacts with the cells in our bodies. According to Indiana Public

Media’s A Moment of Science, “ingesting sugar provokes the same feelings of thirst that eating salty foods does. Similar to what happens after eating a lot of salt, the particles in foods with high sugar contents can make their way into your bloodstream almost immediately after you consume them. As they circulate around, water is pulled out of your body’s cells and into your bloodstream to restore balance. This leads to a chain reaction of events that ends in your body sending a message to your brain that triggers your thirst.” Basically, your body needs to replace the water in your cells that left to balance out the sugar in your bloodstream.


Milk and water are good choices to rehydrate after a sugar overload but don’t reach for a soda or any other sugary drink. Dr. Caroline Apovian spoke to about this stating, “You’re not only confusing your energy balance system by putting more sugar into your body, but also getting a load of empty calories.” And no one has room for that.


Next time you go on a sugar binge, remember to wash it down with a glass, or two, of milk or water.


I guess you could say milk and cookies go together like water and sugar.

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