Fresh Artisan Cookies

Our fresh artisan cookies are one of our proudest creations. We create flavor combinations that are unique and delicious.

Try our Fresh Artisan Chocolate Cookies

Our fresh artisan chocolate spice cookies are sweet and rich with a kick of spice. Our dark chocolate cranberry cookies marry the sweetness of rich dark chocolate with tart cranberry for an unforgettable taste.  Of course no fresh artisan chocolate cookie pairing would be complete without gourmet chocolate chip cookies!  If you have a sweet tooth that is only satisfied by chocolate, try any or all of these delicious cookies!

Each of our fresh artisan cookies is unique with a delicious taste you won’t find anywhere else. We hand make them in small batches and bake them in our artisan bakery located in the heart of Ohio. To keep them fresh, we package our artisan cookies as soon as they come out of the oven and cool, and we bake our artisan cookies daily. This ensures that our gourmet artisan cookies are fresh, crunchy and delicious for weeks as long as they are stored in their cellophane package.

In the mood for fresh Artisan Cookies made with Nuts and Spices?

Try our apricot and cashew cookies are dipped in a lime glaze for an unforgettable tangy taste.  Or take a bit out of our coconut and cranberry cookies, dipped in a lemon glaze.  Our fresh gingerbread cookies with vanilla glaze are perfect for any holiday.

Crowd favorite fresh artisan cookies

We can’t forget our Sour Cherry and Pistachio artisan cookies, peanut butter graham cracker cookies with cinnamon glaze, and butter pecan artisan cookies with a vanilla glaze.  These interesting, complicated flavors are memorable and enjoyed by everyone!They can help make your event or party unforgettable or simply brighten up your afternoon.

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