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Computer training center

In a dynamic job market, the need to be abreast with the latest computer technologies is imperative. In times when the software market is demanding, courses are confusing, learning is expensive and time is limited, online software training with Shalom offers a great alternative. Offering a wide range of courses for students across the world, the Shalom IT school offers various benefits that are further elucidated here.


A range of IT subjects and training on relevant software are offered at one point. To date, approximately 65 different courses are offered at the center, with new subjects being constantly added to this list. This has been done to provide students training on the latest platforms as and when they need them. Right from SAP, to Oracle to IBM Websphere and other platforms, Shalom’s strength lies in keeping its students abreast on the latest trends of the market.

Subject experts:

 Instead of hiring average trainers, Shalom IT school hires top of the line subject experts to provide training on its range of courses. These experts are well-versed with the various aspects of the course and can thus provide good basic training and smart advanced courses for the students. These subject experts also provide on the job assistance for students helping them sort out work/software related challenges. 

Learning tools: 

High end learning tools suited for the e-age are e-learning requirements have been put into use at Shalom. These include innovative interactive learning, audio-visual aids, sessions using web technologies and new learning methodologies. Other than these, traditional methods of telephone sessions, one to one learning and group sessions are also followed here. Not just these, but helping students learn not just through reading or hearing, our tools help them see, hear, understand and then do, which gives students a better understanding of the subject. 


Shalom IT School offers its students a lot of flexibility in learning. As compared to brick and mortar training institutes and other online software providers, this school operates on a student-oriented basis rather than the other way round. Students thus have the flexibility to choose timings suitable for them, across the 24hours time zone. They also have the flexibility to choose the courses to learn and the degree of complexity (basic or advanced) in the courses they require. They can fix timings suited to them and also select the modules they want to learn. Finally, they can choose the environment of learning too. Students can opt to learn online in a one-to-one setting or a group setting, whichever suits their requirements. 

Learning at Shalom opens up a new world of opportunities for learners. Right from students who want to learn multiple courses to working professionals who wish to keep abreast with the latest, Shalom has something to offer. So go on, click on the listed tabs, choose the course of your choice and join today. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us