Human rights

Human rights

Constitution is the set of rules and laws that determines the distribution of the sovereign powers of the state. Constitution of all countries includes basic fundamental human rights that are essential for all to lead life properly. Human rights actually ensure equal distribution of powers and rights among the entire citizen. Our school provides you with basic information associated with fundamental human rights. Each one of us is equal before law and therefore there should be equality in the distribution of the sovereign powers of the state.

The basic fundamental human rights includes right to live properly, right against exploitation, right to education, freedom of religion, freedom to settle anywhere in a country, integrity, etc. which are considered to be the basic necessities of human rights. Laws should be enforced to see whether the human rights are properly exercised by all. Often we see that those who are the bodies of law often tortures the lower section of the society which is totally considered as the violation of a country’s law and regulation. Gender discrimination is another problem prevailing especially in the third world countries where female are the exploiting sections of the society and are not given the opportunity to live their life in freedom.

Our school develops awareness among the people regarding the importance of the human rights, which are essential for all of us. Everyone should possess the right to exercise the universal adult franchise which states that all citizens above 18 years of age should possess the right to vote.

Wild Life

In general refers to plants and animals living together without any dangers. Wild life attracts attention of the nature lovers all over the world. Animals and bird sanctuaries with some unusual species of birds and animals are places with added attraction. Our team serves you with surveyed details of wild life all over the world. In India the barren regions and the western Himalayas stands to be famous for some of the unique species of birds like western tragopan, griffon vultures, choughs, ravens, koklass, etc. In Andaman and Nicobar area there are about 250 types and secondary species are seen such as Nicobar pigeon, Narcondum horn bill, Megapode, etc. Travelers coming for natural world tour tend to take pleasure in any season seeing migrating birds, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, lions, etc.

The southern part of India is blessed with some enticing tourist places and it is also gifted with the beauty of nature, hill stations, beaches, backwaters, etc. The wild parks and sanctuaries leave you breathless with majestic tigers, cheetah, sloth bears, elephants, cobra, sambar, viper, darter, gaurs, langur, etc. Wood pecker, cuckoos, peacock, jungle fowl, are the commonly spotted avifauna family. The evergreen forests are the places for exotic species of birds like sunbird, jungle fowl, night heron, Ceylon frog moth, falcon grey, etc. The semi desert vegetation of Rajasthan is popular for birds, tigers, leopards, desert foxes, black bucks, Siberian cranes, monitor lizards, etc.

Thus in terms of wild life our school provides you with all information as well as we also offers vocational courses on wild life. Not only these, you can also avail tourist guide which will help you to discover the hidden beauty associated with wild life.