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The sweet smell of vanilla, sugar and butter waft from the oven-warmed kitchen at Better Bit of Butter Cookies—The telling sign that founder, Christine Zadnik-Mehling is at work again, baking her delicious treats.

Sugar cookies are a comfy, cozy homemade classic, but at Better Bit of Butter Cookies Christine takes this traditional confection to the next level. Her cookies are a stylish work of art as memorable as they are delicious. She doesn’t just create cookies, she creates treats that are the best cookies to buy for any event.

Christine Mehling

Originally a jewelry designer (specializing in ornate detailing in silver) and a graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art, Christine’s foray into the world of the edible came accidentally.

On a whim, the busy mom of two boys started baking and decorating cakes for friends’ events and weddings. As a decorator, she loved making the extravagant designs, but didn’t love making the cakes.

Her “Ah, ha!” moment came in 2006 when she decorated a batch of square-shaped sugar cookies utilizing the fondant icing from her cakes and design ideas from her jewelry—and Better Bit of Butter Cookies was born.

The extra icing on the “cookie,” so to speak, is that Better Bit of Butter Cookies are made with all-natural butter and local, Ohio farmed, cage-free eggs and contain NO trans fats and NO preservatives.

So, why use a square sugar cookie?

Well, first off, “A square cookie looks like a canvas,” says Christine, ever the artist. "But more importantly," she adds, “who doesn’t want to bite off the corners?”

Better Bit of Butter Cookies offers seasonal and standard design collections and custom orders. Need personalized wedding favors? Baby or bridal shower treats? Want a sports team or company logo on your cookies?

You’ve found the right place for a unique and memorable cookie to fit your occasion and taste. 

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