Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Cookies

Title: 1 Dozen
peanut butter graham cracker cookies

Try these delicious peanut butter graham cracker cookies dipped in a cinnamon glaze. These cookies make for a great way to treat yourself, surprise a friend or family member, or provide tasty treats for your party guests.  The artisan surprise to these cookies is that each cookie is topped with a spicy cinnamon glaze that kicks up and compliments the taste of the peanut butter graham cracker cookies.


Graham Cracker Cookies

Our fresh artisan peanut butter graham cracker cookies are sweet, creamy and rich and complimented by their cinnamon glaze. If you’ve ever spread peanut butter on a graham cracker, you know that these two flavors mix together to form a perfect snack.  We’ve taken that same concept and added an artisan glaze to make these snack cookie you can’t put down. These artisan cookies evoke the childhood memories of graham cracker crusts on a peanut butter pie!   Try them and be surprised!

Cinnamon Glaze Cookies

The cinnamon glaze on our peanut butter cookies is what makes them truly unique.  Rich buttery sweetness with the smooth taste of peanuts and a spicy unexpected glaze make these crowd favorites for your next party.

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